5E is brand new, so I don’t plan on having an extensive set of house rules right off the bat. However, there are some guidelines I’d like to lay out that might help you as we play.

This is a living document – something may come up that does require a new house rule. This will only be done to accommodate FUN.

If a new house rule nerfs a character, that character can be adjusted per class/race guidelines to restore FUN as needed.


This is a game. Games are FUN!
We are adults. Adults with BUSY LIVES!

We don’t have a lot of TIME to game and we want to have FUN. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure much FUN is had.

So if something is UN-FUN, we will talk it out like adults and move on to more FUN.

Character creation and leveling

Initial ability scores: roll 4d6 drop lowest OR use the standard array OR use point buy

  • If you roll, be honest. This isn’t going to be a campaign where powergaming is necessary (or encouraged.) Low scores can equal quirks and quirks can equal FUN.

Hit points on level up – roll OR use the average

  • If you take the random chance, you take the chance of rolling a one.

At the table

This is a new edition so we’re likely to run into rule questions as we play.

  • If looking up the rule is quick, please do so.
  • The DM has the right to make a snap ruling if it will keep play moving.
    • This ruling will stand for the remainder of the session.
  • After the session is over, we can look up the rule and discuss as needed.
    • The DM will communicate the new ruling to all players for future sessions.
    • The new ruling will have no impact on previous play (possible exception: character death.)


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