IAtD - 5e Campaign

IAtD One-Shot at Legends

Killed a bear. Rescued a halfling. Found some trouble in Baldur’s Gate.

A Quick Trip to the Moat House
One-shot at Game Kastle

Went to the Moat House. Toasted some frogs, smote some skeletons. Tussled with the bugbears.

All to the sound of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers theme song.

Phandelver - Session 1
We slay goblin scum

The party was hired by Gundren Rockseeker, a dwarf miner, to escort a wagonload of supplies to Phandalin, with a reward of 10gp promised to each caravan guard.

Along the way, we found two dead horses on the road, and were then ambushed by four goblins. We fought through the ambush, quickly dispatching all four goblin archers. The horses were determined to be those of Gundren and his human companion, Sildar, and it was decided to follow the trail into the woods after a short rest. We hid the oxen and cart in the woods.

On the trail, Wulfgar noticed a snare trap and avoided it, but then failed to notice a pit trap and fell in. The party arrived at a clearing, where we saw a cave opening and a stream – the goblins’ hideout. Abraxus and Ander snuck forward to scout, but Abraxus was noticed and shot with a nasty goblin arrow. Ander attacked the goblins and slew one, and (I can’t remember what happened to the other). Goblin ears were collected to be redeemed for bounty.

We decided to rest outside of the cave entrance until after midnight. Entering the cave, we found a trio of snarling wolves. Luckily, they were chained up. Wulfgar used his dog whispering skill and some crusty iron rations to tame the beasts.

Searching the area, Abraxus discovered a natural “chimney” on one wall and climbed up to scout it out. Being a sneaky rogue, he was able to set up a rope for the rest of the party to use. We climbed up and ambushed the bugbear Klarg, his wolf, and two goblins.

Unfortunately, our ambush was largely ineffective, and a melee ensued. (Hey guys, add details here.) The bugbear hurled a javelin and hit Wulfgar in the gut, then rushed him and struck a mighty blow, knocking him unconscious and nearly killing him. The Don made short work of a goblin, smashing its skull in with his mace. At one point, the bugbear tried to escape, but he was bombarded with arrows and magic attacks. He almost made it out, but Ander bravely attacked and severed the foul beast’s leg, sending it crashing to the ground and killing it.

As the party recovered from the fight, the room was searched and a treasure chest containing a pile of coins, two healing potions and a jade statuette was found. A pile of goods and crates belonging to the Lionshield Costers piled behind the bugbear’s bed as well.

Mason worked to stabilize the bugbear so that he could be interrogated. The party took a short rest, but the bugbear was not yet conscious. There was some discussion about whether we should wait for him to awaken, but the debate was short lived, as Wulfgar, still enraged and embarrassed at his defeat, lost his temper and drove his hand axe into the bugbear’s face, ending any possibility of the beast providing information.

The party pressed forward, eager to find any survivors of the ambush on the road. Lord Mason conjured a goblin illusion, and Don the cleric used Thaumaturgy to convince the gobbos to drop their weapons and come forward. As they rounded the corner, Mason incinerated them with a cone of fire, killing two and severely injuring the third, who ran for his worthless goblin life. The party gave chase, and shot him in the back, killing him and preventing him from raising the alarm.

Finally, the party reached a large area where Sildar Hallwinter was being held prisoner. Ander stealthily crept forward while Mason distracted the goblin leader with an offer of treasure. A goblin was sent out to recover the (illusory) chest of coins, but as soon as he was in range, the party attacked.

Mason obliterated the goblin chief with a barrage of magic missiles, freeing Sildar, who fell right into Ander’s mighty halfling arms. At the same moment, Wulfgar felled the goblin in the hallway with a spear to the chest, and Abraxus began killing goblins at a distance with his bow. Again, Wulfgar was laid low, but Mason dragged him to safety under the covering fire of Abraxus.

With their leader dead and no place to run, the remaining goblin scum surrendered. Their ears were removed to be redeemed for bounty, and they were released with a stern warning to reform their criminal ways and become productive members of society.

We head to Phandalin with Sildar Hallwinter, taking with us Gundren’s wagon of goods (now further piled with Lionshield Coster merchandise), three wolves, a bag of goblin ears and gold teeth, and word of the Black Spider’s machinations to secure the treasures of Wave Echo Cave.

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Phandelver - Session 2
We slay Glass Staff and his band of bullying bandits

Arriving in Phandelver, the party delivered Gundren’s goods as well as those of the Lionshield Coster, and received a tidy reward. There was no time to celebrate, however, as, in speaking with the townspeople, it became clear that the Phandelver was being terrorized by a gang of no-good dirty ruffians calling themselves the Redbrands. Between Ander’s strong desire for justice and Abraxus’ desire for gold and loot, there was little doubt the party would soon be cleaning up the town.

And clean they did. Five cocky Redbrands confronted the party in the street, but they soon regretted it. Four were dispatched to the cold cradle of Death before the last Redbrand surrendered. A short interrogation revealed the location of the Redbrand hideout, and the party resolved to attack at nightfall.

Upon reaching the manor, the party delved into the cellar, where they stumbled upon a group of Redbrands in a small storage room. Needless to say, the Redbrands did not survive the meeting. Suspicious that we might be missing something, Don Slouch asked to be lowered (head-first!) by Abraxus into the cistern, and found a waterproof pouch with some nice loot!

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