Sir Dante Greycastle

A Knight of the Blue Moon in service to Mystra


Human Paladin
Some arcane abilities


Sir Dante Greycastle is a minor noble of the Eltorchul household in Waterdeep. He had begun his training in the arcane arts at the Eltorchul Academy, but after the unfortunate accident that caused Oth Etorchul, the heir to the Eltorchul holdings, to become a babbling husk and the bankruptcy of the family, Dante rededicated his life in service to Mystra herself. Dante joined the Order of the Blue Moon, a knightly order that believes that the power of the weave is tied to the fluctuations of the moon, and seeks to rid the world of practictioners of shadow magic.

Rumours of a growing Cult of the Dragon have caught the Order of the Blue Moons attention. While there is no evidence of shadow magic being involved, Shar is a deceptive goddess, and Sir Dante has been sent to the Sword Coast to investigate.

Sir Dante Greycastle

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